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We have a requirement of a Hydraulic Power pack and hydraulic nut, details of the same are mentioned below. Kindly submit your quotation for the same
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1 Hydraulic Power Pack 1 The pump should have an oil tank capacity of 10 L 2 The pump should be able to generate a pressure of 2500 bar 3 The pump should have an auto set feature i.e. the pressure should be first set and on pressing the bottom, the pump should build the pressure and on achieving pressure the pump should shut itself off. This feature will ensure better control over the pressure and load delivery 4 The pump should work with 230V single phase current 5 The pump should be compatible to operate with grade 46 hydraulic oil 6 Tank should have oil sight gauge to check and maintain the level of oil in the tank 7 Pump should have a safety mechanism against over pressure 8 Pump should have facility to control pressure via remote pendant 9 Pump should be able to display pressure in PSI, BAR and MPA 10 Noise level max 90 dBA measured as per ISO-3744 standards Nos View
2 Other Marine Equipments Hydraulic nut, size M39 Hex HD nut, GENERAL REQUIREMENT Hydraulic nut has to be manufactured in accordance with ISO 16228:2017 standards Individual components of the nut have to undergo MPI and Dye penetration test to ensure there is no crack of fissure in the internal microstructure. Material for manufacture of the nut and its components: high strength stainless steel (minimum yield strength of 1000 MPa) and compatible with the bolt material. High pressure seals are to be leak proof and should work for minimum 10 years without any degradation Quick coupler: Maximum working pressure 1500 bar; minimum burst pressure 3000 bar; Nitrile Seal. The nut should work in a marine environment. Provision to apply torque of 3300 m N in phases in synchronized manner in a given sequence. Provision has to be made to apply Sikaflex on the nut Minimum service life has to be 10 years Nos View
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Note: Also to supply suitable connectors/ Adapters for Power pack and Hydraulic Nut.
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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