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I would like to request a quote as per below:
# Item Description Unit Quantity
1 Pumps Metering pump; electric motor; diaphragm; for sodium hypochlorite NaClO; 12 BAR; work 2.3L/h ;Max flow 1.77 L/h ;NPSH available 0.5m ;35W ; PN: PROMINENT EXBBG1002PS30B002 Nos View
2 Pumps Positive displacement rotary pump; screw; for hydraulic oil; operating temperature up to 80C; PN: KRAL CKC-15.BAA.00260 Nos View
3 Pumps Rotary pump with positive displacement; spindle; horizontal; incompressible; for lubricating oil; Pressure absolute at work point 3.22kgf/cm ;Operating temperature 69C ;Mounting on SKID ; PN: LEISTRITZ L2NG-106/110/VFOGIO-O REFERENCE: 3055471 / MANUFACTURER: RENK AG Nos View
Shipping Terms
When providing the quotation, always make sure that it contains the following information: 1. Material condition (always OEM factory new); 2. Delivery time; 3. Material weight; 4. FOB; 5. Indication of necessary information when ordering; 6. Indication of how the PN will come in the material (engraved, adhesive or metallic label); 7. Indication of available certificates and their respective value; 8. Minimum order; We'd like to respectfully ask if you can consider POS TERM (Payment on Shipment), or if not, could we ask for 10% deposit and 90% before shipment? We're looking for a long term relationship and due the spike in recent orders made by our customers we're working along with suppliers to have "COS" in all purchase orders. I appreciate your attention in advance.
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