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RFQ ID: EP- 100385
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We are in receipt of an enquiry for the following Cables Gland. You are requested to submit your best technical and commercial offer at the earliest.
# Item Description Unit Quantity
1 Cable Gland GLAND, CABLE; DC, F/PVC CABLE, 7C, 1.5MM2 Pieces View
2 Cable Gland CABLE GLAND, STEEL, DC, 22 MM Pieces View
3 Cable Gland CABLE GLAND, STEEL, DC, 25 MM Pieces View
Shipping Terms
Following points should be taken care: 1. Price Basis: FOR Noida site basis. 2. Freight & Insurance: Included in the total price. 3. Taxes & Duties: GST Extra @ 18% 4. Payment terms: 100% Against dispatch of material within 30 days. 5. Delivery Period: 2-3 Weeks, from the date of receipt of PO. 6. Inspection: No inspection will be done, test certificate will be provided. 7. Warrantee: Guarantee is valid for a period of 18 months from the date of dispatch of the equipment or 12 months from the date of commissioning. 8. Packing & Forwarding: Included in the offer price 9. Bank details for payment: Bank details shall be provided along with the offer 10. Limitation of Liability: ​Both the parties shall be maximum liable up to the PO value only in case of any defaults. 11. FORCE MAJEURE: Standard Force Majeure clause will be applicable. 12. Validity period: Offer shall be valid for minimum 6 Weeks 13. PENALTY: Standard penalty will be applicable for delays in delivery. 0.5% for each week delayed up to a maximum of 5%.
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Sector 41, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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