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Tripoli, Libya
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Request quote for Steel Wire Strand for Prestressed Concrete Beams reinforcing.
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1 Plates, Coils, Pipes, Tubes and Wires Steel wire Strand: 3wire X 2.25 Length of each Coils 1750 meters Width 190-200MM, Bore 290-310 To be used for prestressed Concrete Beams reinforcing. Specification of Steel Wire: Chemical Analysis: C 070/0,85% MN 0,60/0,85% Si 0,15/0,30% P 0,020% MAX S 0,020% MAX Cu 0,10% MAX Mechanical Characteristics: Construction: 3 x 2.25mm AREA MM 2:11,93 Tensile Strength MIN (N/MM2): 1960 Yeld Elongation At break (L=200MM): 3,5%MIN MAX Relaxation AT 1000 H:2,5%(Low relaxation) Structure: 1. Steel moried state with fine perlitic structure not revolabe ATX 1000 2. Free from net works of integranuiar cenentite or of binate or mariensite. 3. Free from axial holes and porosities. Total decarburation absent, Anular packing in Coil Length: M.1750/I.D:300/Width:200mm Coil Swrapped with water proof and tarred canvas Metric Ton View
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Tripoli, Libya

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