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Suvali, Surat, Gujarat
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PR 1000064252 supply of Blind/Spade/Spectacles requirement for hydrotest of vessels and exchangers for client Vedanta-Cairn Oil & Gas Suvali Terminal Hazira Gujarat
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We, Asian Energy Services Ltd. (formerly Asian Oilfield Services Ltd.) is an Oil & Gas industry service provider, offering end-to-end services which extend across the entire upstream value chain, including Geophysical Data Acquisition, Production Facility EPC using the Build-Own-Operate-Transfer model, Turnkey Drilling, and production facility Operation and Maintenance. We received a contract for the Operation & Maintenance activity of the Suvali Oil & Gas Onshore terminal of Client Vedanta/Cairn India Ltd. situated in Suvali, Surat, Gujarat, India. For the said project, We require Blind/Spade/Spectacles as per attached PR 1000064252 excel sheet. It is 2 part bidding process: Bidder to submit Technical proposal (soft copy through email and hard copy through courier) along with following documents. Quoted-Non quoted sheet (to be fill and sign/stamp by bidders) Bidder query if any/NIL (to be fill and sign/stamp by bidders) Annexure 5 Deviation if any/NIL (to be fill and sign/stamp by bidders) Bidder to submit Commercial proposal (only hard copy) through courier or hand delivery to Suvali site in a closed envelope. Courier address for bid documents: Asian Energy Services Ltd. C/o. Vedanta Cairn India Ltd. Suvali Beach Rd, GSEG Colony, Hazira, Gujarat 394510 Name: Siddhesh Kadam / Anand Tiwari Please note the last date for submission of the proposal is 25th Jun 2022, Hence please submit the offer before due date.
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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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