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Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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230KV SHUNT REACTORS - 3000-2022-67477-A - ARAMCO Project Reference CRPO-82 & 83
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We are National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC), UAE; a leading EPC Contractor for the Oil & Gas Industry in the Middle East and we are currently executing subject Zulf West & East Oil Facilities project for SAUDI ARAMCO (CRPO 82 & 83). You are hereby invited to submit your most competitive Bid against this FIRM ENQUIRY, for the supply of 230KV SHUNT REACTORS strictly in accordance with the Specifications, Description and NPCC Terms & Conditions stipulated in the attached MR No. 3000-2022-67477 including the detailed BOM and Datasheets and Specifications. Note attached RFQ documents for your perusal: - Detailed Bill of Material (BOM) - MR No. 3000-2022-67477 including Datasheets and Specifications (due to big size pdf. File. It will be send separately in a separate e-mail using FTP link) Note: We seek your usual support by start working on the bid and submit before the bid closing date i.e. on or before 28-JULY-2022. Bids shall be submitted in two parts, as said below: Part-1 Un-priced Commercial Bid and Technical Bid by e-mail addressed to me ( ) & copy to & & & To include all technical information and an un-priced copy of the commercial bid. Part-2 - Priced Commercial Bid. To be submitted only through the secured e-mail before the bid closing date. Failure to adhere to the above shall be a sufficient reason to disqualify the Bid. Please acknowledge safe receipt, confirm your understanding and intention to bid at the earliest. Note: Please submit your ARAMCO approval letter along with your offer and confirm if there are any limitations concerning production of offered material.
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Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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