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Tripoli, Libya
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Request for Quotation (RFQ) / Gas Lift Compressor valves
# Item Description Unit Quantity
1 Valves Dresser Rand Gas lift compressor valves Model : INGERSOLL RAND : KVGB 412 K SERIAL : FK 352 To FK 356 Several Parts : suction valve part 31278, Discharge valve 31280, suction valve 31248, discharge valve H62814 AT3, suction valve MLH -62813G1, discharge valve MLH- 62814G1) Nos View
2 Valves Dresser Rand Model : BDC - 4 - OFGH - 14 - 3 Several Parts : Suction valves 194 R Part 32-149102, Discharge valve part 37-149103 A, suction valve part 32-149104-A, Discharge valve part WR38485, Discharge valve part WR37117, suction valve part WR 37111). Nos View
Shipping Terms
Our request is to purchase 96 gas lift compressor valves defined in two types as fellow : 1- Suction valve 2- Discharge valve Place of receiving compressor valves : The Seaport of Misurata or Tripoli, Libya Please provide us details commercial offer and technical specification according to the international specified and standards ( certificate test, pictures, manufacturer certificate) Please let me know if any additional information is needed or if I can answer any questions.
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Tripoli, Libya

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