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RFQ for X-Mas Tree & Tubing Head Spool // WellRx // India
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1 Surface Christmas Tree & Accessories Tubing Spool, 7.1/16" Top X 11" Bottom - 5000 PSI Working Pressure with Two Studded side outlets of 2.1/16" 5000 PSI. Four outlet valves, flanges, bull plug, needle valve and pressure gauge, studs and nuts and ring gaskets for side outlets. EA View
2 Surface Christmas Tree & Accessories Xmas Tree Double Arm, 2.9/16" x 5000 PSI Run and side outlets of 2.1/16" X 5000 PSI. 2.9/16"X 5000 PSI Three Valves, 2.1/16" X 5000 PSI four Valves, 2.1/16" X 5000 PSI Positive Chokes, Tree Cap, Tubing Head Adapter, Tree Cap, Set Of Choke Beans ( 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10,12 mm), studs and nuts, ring gaskets EA View
3 Surface Christmas Tree & Accessories Manual Gate Valve 2-9/16" X 5000 PSI Material Class: AA, Temperature Rating: U, PSL-1, PR-1 Including Handwheel EA View
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Ex works China
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Gurugram, Haryana, India

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