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Tabuk KSA
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Wind turbine - 1pcs - Tabuk KSA-- 1MW:
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1 Turbines -wind turbine shall be 1,000 kW -cut-in less than 3 m/s of wind speed. -Cut-out wind speed shall not be less than 25 m/s at 10 minutes average -it shall be designed to withstand 10-minute average wind speed of 42.5 m/s, 59.5 m/s of 50-year return gust, and 44.6 m/s 1-year return gust, in compliance with IEC wind class II. -Generator shall be designed and engineered as per the latest version of IEC 61400. It shall be designed for 50 degC maximum ambient, 40 degC average (24 hrs) and shall be tropicalized for protection against humidity, salty atmosphere, and ingress of dust. Insulation class shall be class F with protection class of IP54. -The three-bladed rotor shall be mounted up-wind of the nacelle. Rotational speed shall be regulated by active blade pitch adjustment using variable speed AC motors. -The blades are made of epoxy resin reinforced fiberglass epoxy which shall be UV protected and resistant to sandstorm. Each blade shall have a complete, fully independent, fail-safe pitch actuation system to control the aerodynamic power input to the turbine and of reducing the structural loads on the turbine. -Rotor diameter shall be minimum 58m to secure swept area more than 2,645 m2 and specific power of 378 W/m2. -Minimum height of the hub shall be 69m. The tower shall allow access to the nacelle via access door, internal ladder with safety measures, landing platforms every 15 m vertical, and lightings -Site Coordinates (WGS84): 29.289596, 34.930164. -Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 45 degC -Site elevation: < 100 m from the sea level EA View
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