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4/5, Industrial Estate, Nandani Road,Bhilai-490026, Dist -Durg, Chhattisgarh, India
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Urgent requirement of Pumps
# Item Description Unit Quantity
1 Pumps Diaphragm dosing pump , Requisition No : MAT/30825 , Part No : 1404000003 , Capacity- 1 L/hr,builtin synchronous electrical motor, power capacity 8.9W, 415 V with mechanical diaphragm hinge connection, suction valve & filter, metering nozzle & barrel. (3w + 3s), with opposite flanges (including bolts, nuts and gaskets). Pump Type- controlled volume metering gear pumps Foundation bolt will be anticorrosive like GI or cadmium coated etcMotor Shall Be As per GS-03, Cl. 8.1.Power Supply - As per Contract Cl. No. 3.5.2.All boughtout shall be as per GS-13.Painting shall be as per GS-09.Medium - RegentsLocation - Water supply pump house Identification - 13580-,,,, & DRG.No.VSP/COB5/COB/BEC/DE/17/UD/18153 Nos View
Shipping Terms
i) Taxes & Duties: - Extra as applicable to be specified clearly in your offer, along with respective HSN Code. ii) Terms of Delivery:- Free delivery at BEC Project office on freight prepaid basis. iii) Packing & Forwarding:- NIL. iv) Inspection Agency:- Our Representative v) Terms of Payment:- 100% payment after 30 days from the date of receipt and acceptance of material at our site. vi) Price will be firm & no escalation clause is acceptable after placement of order.
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Nandani Road, Light Industrial Area, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh 490026, India

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