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Required Heat Exchanger
# Item Description Unit Quantity
1 Heat Exchangers Required Heat Exchanger, Spare exchanger plate: Plate materials SS316Lusing for MEG Heat Exchanger Equivalent to VIEX Inc. Model: Vie bloc VCP-20-5C-200V-40. EA View
2 High Pressure Heat Exchanger Required Glycol/Glycol heat exchanger Certified by VIEX Inc.,, Model: Viexbloc VCP-20-5C-200V-40, Duty:155,000 BTU/hr Number of plates 40(Fourt) , Connection size: 2"150# ANSI RFWN, Plate materials SS316L , Panel gaskets: PTFE Design pressure:150 psig, Test pressure:150 psig Design temparature:300 Deg F Channel’’A’’150 psig. AT 300 F. MDMT-20 F AT 150 psig Channel’’B’’150 psig. AT 300 F. MDMT-20 F AT 150 psig S/R:50073.12, CRN-T2051.2, Require GA drawing Data sheet, COC, and pressure test certificate. Require GA drawing Data sheet, COC and pressure test certificate EA View
Shipping Terms
Please provide also below information. 1. Lead time & Incoterm ( We prefer DAP Singapore ) 2. Indicate currency 3. Estimated Shipping Weight & Dimension 4. Any Certifications or Warranties 5. Data sheet 6. Payment term 7. Pick up address
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3 Gambas Crescent, Singapore 757088, Singapore

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