RFQ ID: EP- 102117
Due Date
Belas Business Park | Torre Cunene, 5 Andar (501 / 504) Talatona - Luanda | Angola
Date of Published
Required Bolts, Screw, Nuts, Round Bar
# Item Description Unit Quantity
1 Bolt Required Bolt, Please find the Attachment's. Lot View
2 Other equipment and Accessories Required Nuts, Screw , Please find the Attachment's. Lot View
3 Other equipment and Accessories Required Round Bar, Please find the Attachment's. Lot View
Shipping Terms
Please note that if you are not able to quote everything, quote the products you can. - Use the name as in the document - Please send certificate/laboratory test (where applicable), delivery time and Technicl datasheet/images (very important) - Discounts are also crucial on choosing your proposal. Looking forward to receive your quote. IMPORTANT: Information on the availability of the requested products (deadline and location), technical sheets and certificates, information on the weight and size of the eventual order, as well as a separate quote for transport services (CIF) to Luanda - Angola | Southern Africa - West Coast (in case you handle exportations) and speed of response are essential elements for a better analysis of the proposals.
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Talatona, Luanda, Angola

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