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Saudi Arabia
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1 Pumps Kindly note that we are bidding for chemical project. The project involves replacement of the existing pumps with the two new pumps. Please refer to the below scope of work. Supply of 02 Nos. pumps Vendor shall provide pump detail Data sheet in API format and G.A Drawing for review while technical bid stage. 2 year’s spares shall be supplied along with pumps Pump OEM shall submit documents including following: a. Pump datasheet b. Pump GAD c. Pump performance curve d. Pump flow rate vs stroke control graph e. Complete QA/QC manual (Soft copy and hard copy shall be submitted) The new pump of 120-P-02 A/B shall be same type, model, service conditions to 140-P-02 A/B. (Model: DOXA.L/ 10 MM X 25, Manufacturer: OFFICINE MECCANICHE) Supply of 02 Nos. Pressure switches along with the pumps The datasheet of the pump is attached for your reference. Kindly send your CFR Dammam, Saudi Arabia offer by Nov. 25 along with the best delivery time. EA View
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